WDCPSI is a Process Service throughout the Washington DC area, across the United States and Internationally. Process Servicing is a routine procedure in the legal community which includes delivery of legal documents, such as civil actions, summonses, complaints, subpoenas, or writs, to an individual or entity named in the document. In most cases, the documents must be served by someone who is not involved in the action or case. We have been serving the DC metro area for over 5 years. As a services organization with years of experience we have an established, well-trained team that will provide prompt, decisive response to your needs. We specialize in rush service and process service for evasive individuals and those difficult to serve. We serve process upon companies, banks, authorized agents, registered agents, individuals and appropriate authoritative bodies. We Always keep you updated with the progress of your service. We give you a quote with no hidden fees and all costs are clearly detailed. All notarized affidavits and documents are send by certified mail. All major Credit cards and paypal account accepted.

Our top priority is to ensure the proper service of your documents according to the appropriate code, statute or Law of your State. We control your documents and provide status to you on a regular schedule. Service Status by fax, email or phone the day after your document is served. You can be assured that we will give your documents the attention that they deserve.

Isabelle S.T. – (President)

  • Isabelle was graduated in 1968 from University in Duesseldorf, Germany with Art and History Major.
  • During 1991, She earned Master’s degree in African History Art & Culture in Africa.
    Since 1976 she has obtained Worldwide recognition for an high qualified International Appraiser.
  • Fluent in 8 languages including French , German, English, Russian, Italian and 3 African Languages.
  • Certified investigator in 2012 through PIU

For a regular process serving, we guarantee a first attempt within three (3) days and we are willing to accommodate additional requests including last minute serving. What’s more, we provide 24/7 status updates via our web site. We are available 365 days a year and 24 hours a days at your service. We have 99% success in Process Serving papers.